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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Starship Exeter releases long-awaited final Act of 'The Tressaurian Intersection'

After an eight-year hiatus, Starship Exeter's 'The Tressaurian Intersection' has finally been completed!

GIF courtesy of www.thelogbook.com
Starship Exeter follows the adventures of the new crew of the starship Exeter, which originally appeared in the TOS episode 'The Omega Glory'. Filmed in 2004 and released in segments over the next several years, Act III of 'The Tressaurian Intersection' left viewers with a massive cliff-hanger that wasn't resolved until last week.
"Searching for a starship in distress, the crew of the Starship U.S.S. Exeter finds a destroyed starbase and a deepening mystery. Has an enemy species from Captain Garrovick's past invented the ultimate weapon, or is the truth even stranger and more deadly?"
A major improvement over the series pilot, 'The Savage Empire', 'The Tressaurian Intersection' has, for years, been widely praised by fans for its quality, production values, and excellent writing. And rightly so. This episode has managed to capture the 'feel' of TOS so well that one may forget they're watching a fan-produced show.

If you've never seen this classic fan production (or its new epic conclusion) before, check it out on YouTube below. Although, to my knowledge, no further episodes will be produced, the show has clearly set a high standard for anyone entering the Star Trek fan film business. It's also a great example of a 'dead' production brought back to life, something that often doesn't happen with projects such as this.

"Space. Endless. Silent. Waiting. This is the new odyssey of the starship Exeter..."


  1. Though it took a long while to finish this it turned out to be a great production. I congratulate the production crew on a job well done. It was worth the wait. Sochya eh Dif (Peace and long life) to all.

    1. Thanks, Richard! It really was an outstanding episode -- I'm glad the production team was able to complete it.